Market Music Technology

Market Music Technology

System can function automatically - you don't need a trained specialist to use it. Choose the playlist (created by our editors), set the parameters and Market Player will do everything automatically.

Market Player features

  • Mediaplan updates.
  • Advertisements broadcast planning and reports generation. 
  • Non-streming type of solution: no internet needed for uninterrupted broadcast. 
  • Audio and video synchronization.
    • Smooth sound distribution.
    • Prevention of unauthorized access to settings and broadcast.

Market Player was created by experts from ifferent areas, including IT, Marketing, Advertising etc. This led to creation of a high-quality solution, which satisfies all the busines' needs.

Why Market Player? 

Market Player technology - is true discovery for entrepreneurs, regardless the buiness they are involved. Every point, from a small cafe to a giant mall become more efficient with Market Player audiomarketing system.

  • First of all, this is a perfect solution for those who still use radio. As a rule, radio music is oriented for a mass listener and completely does not match particular place atmosphere an specifics. Moreover, radio often advertise direct competitors of the company. 
  • If you consider modern pop music as the best option (which can be argued) then you have to maintain your playlist up-to-date and update it regularly. Often there is just no time or no personnel for it so we offer to delegate sound design issues to Market Music. 
  • Music may not only entertain the visitors but also solve a big variety of tasks. Proper playlist set-up may increase passability of trading halls during peak-hours, relax beauty salons' visitors, delay guests of the cafe. Our editors know well how to set up a playlist for each paticular task. 
  • Besides all of these, Market Player system allows you to broadcast not only music but also advertisements (yours or partner's) which would automatically be played according to created mediaplan. 

In a word, our technology is just essential in case you're interested in functional, sales boosting in-store music atmosphere creation. 

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