Is Audio Content Marketing Better Than Video? – Let’s Research Your Audience Tastes

Is Audio Content Marketing Better Than Video? – Let’s Research Your Audience Tastes

Today I want to tell you about how quickly audio marketing becomes popular. Let’s forget about the traditional radio for being awful and disappointing the consumers. The statistics about people, who are driving back home from work alone, working out in the gym or swimming in the pool waiting for some good content to listen to. Dr. Nina became or rescuer and started her own podcast “Win the Diet War”. After 10 weeks, her creation numbered about 9,000 downloads.

Audio Marketing Statistics

  • 97 million Americans drive from/to work alone
  • 37 million people have gym memberships (how many actually uses it?)
  • Digital radio revenue lever is increasing quicker that in any other field
  • 40% of Americans are consuming audio content using their mobile phones
  • Advertising Revenue on Pandora streaming Internet Radio has raised in a year from 120 million in 2011 to 240 million in 2012
  • Slate magazines are getting more revenue from their podcasts rather than printed texts

Your Audience Tastes

At the beginning of your business, you should respond to any feedback you receive. Answer everybody; it will increase the level of trust between you and the consumer.  Always research the profiles of people that are following your page whether it is Google+, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. You can find some precious clues to your customers’ heart! By understanding their interests, you will know which way to move further in business plan and marketing and develop a strong relationship.

School of Podcasting History

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