What is the Best Volume for Your Store?

What is the Best Volume for Your Store?

When you are talking about music in public places such as restaurants or store, there is particular limit to how loud it can be. This is important, because you don’t want to make any damage to your customers’ years by letting them seat surrounded by super-loud speakers. However, if the music is below acceptable limit bit still too loud, people are likely to spend as little time at your store as possible. That is why your aim is to find the best volume that will not interfere with people’s voices while they are talking and also will entertain those who came by themselves.

According to OSHA, the levels of music which employees are able to turn on can't go over ninety decibels. However, ninety decibels is a proper level for those who keep night clubs or bars, for restaurants this is too loud. For those who want their customers not to shout on each other while eating in order to hear, sixty decibels is the best level. Although many restaurants have music on more than sixty and that can be more than annoying.

There are also some more disruption. Firstly, a room full of furniture which easily reflect sound can make it harder for customers to talk. It is important to always make sure that customers are feeling comfortable and able to enjoy their food. If you visit one of the review pages about restaurants there is always comments about the volume level of the music. I am sure you don’t want you restaurant to be famous for that sort of things.

However, consider the size of the building and the rooms. Is in not appropriate to turn on loud music in a small building and vice versa. In plaxes wherer there is no carpet just bold floor the echo will be quite loud and music show be lower. if you want to know the level of the music in your building invest in buying a sound meter and you will always be aware if sound level is good or bad. Keep in track what sound levels do you use dutring the day and create a schedule with a particular day time and music. Moreover, it will help to make sure if the sound level is complying with OSHA requirenments.

Those people who have a bar or night club are able to turn on music louder that others. This is the place where people want to hear loud music and are likely to talk less. However, you don;t want to turn on loud music in the afternoon as there will be nobody enjoying it.