Tips for Great Sales

Tips for Great Sales

Work with people requires if not deep but at least common knowledges in business communication psychology. Otherwise, sales manager would not be able to find an individual approach to a customer and especially to attract him/her with a product. As a result, your sales would not be increased.


This person is a regular customer of your company. Always excited about the brand-new products and buys goods of the same type. However, once you disappoint him the “bro” will run immediately straight to your business rivals.  So do not dismiss him, be polite, always tell him about the new offers and sales. Show the customer that you care about him.

Mr. Sly-boots

Always wants the final word to leave with him. Most likely will use your company service but wants to get a good discount or to conclude a contract on preferable terms for him only. What should you do then? Well, try not to oppose him, let Mr. Sly-boots feel himself truly significant and important for you. However, sign the agreement only after making sure that the company would not incur losses from such cooperation. Most likely, a few quite small bonuses, gifts or thank-you letter will be enough for Mr. Sly-boots.

Miss Devil’s Advocate

She is a business-lady engaged in procurement for a major shop or restaurant. She appreciates her time and does not intend to listen to long manager’s speech. Your task is to give her what she needs: reports, numbers, papers, statistics. Arrange information thoroughly, keep calm and confident, communicate exclusively in a businesslike manner. If you do it right, Miss Devil’s Advocate will become your reliable partner.


The nightmare of every "sales-man". He tends to delay and bring forward the meetings, disappear or even not to call. However, you cannot just ignore him because a valuable bargain is at stake. Therefore, it is necessary to act with cunning: through acquaintances, friends and business partners find out about the fidget as much as possible to understand how to awake his interest and how to conclude a profitable deal for you.

Pain in the Neck

Always displeased and asks stupid questions, and may call you just because he was bored. If “pain in the neck” type of customers brings you money that is the reason to keep in touch. Call him for a few minutes before lunch or at the end of the day, not to spend a lot of time talking. Listen to him patiently, assent and nod your head with appreciation. On the other hand, you can handover the customer to your colleague if the work with the “pain in the neck” is too much for you to bear. However, do not beat around the bush if the customer does not bring the company solid financial arrivals.


Pedant is a person with a clear system of values and ideas about what is "wrong" and what is "right". He is willing to pay money only for what he really needs and meets his requirements. While communicating with a pedant, record his observations and suggestions. After that, you will be able to consider them during the manufacture of goods or service provision. Pleased Pedant is a reliable partner for a long-term business.


He wants to get a promotion that is why he is so eager to please his superiors. However, he does not have any special requirements. The main thing for him is to be told what a great specialist he is and what he deserves. However, be alert, shielding himself in front of the boss, Careerist certainly will blame you for his mistakes. So check and recheck every action of your workers.


In the literal sense considers himself an expert in all matters. Continually gives inappropriate advice. If the manager does not agree with Smarty, he immediately starts to interrupt, raise his voice and behave very aggressively. To establish cooperation, organize a meeting with a client in his spare time. Talk heart to heart in order to clarify what he wants and his intended way of working.


His opinion about the work of your company is based solely on the internet or other media reviews. Non-believer thinks that everyone wants to deceive him and casts doubt on your every word. To win the trust of such a client refer to the people who can be demanding authority for Non-believer. If you manage to convince him, you will get a reliable partner and ally for years.