Should Your Customers Choose The Music by Themselves?

Should Your Customers Choose The Music by Themselves?

Nowadays companies and bussinesses can engage with their clients on a much more higher level than ever before. That allows them to promote new brands and trends more succesfully and create a strong trusting consumer-company relationship. As a result the lever of loyalty has grown up a lot since the first brand creation. Social networks, special offers, discounts and occasional sales became greate tools of todays companies and brands.

Consumers are likely to take part in occasions and brand’s activity much more than ever. They like to feel themselves as a part of a greater community. As a result of such availability clents realise they have a much bigger impact on brands and companies. If they are not satisfied, they can always find a better producer.

The fisrt business strategy that you should regard as a part of your promotion plan is to let the customers make the decisions. We can see that the more customers are choosing for themselves the higher the sales and rating of the brand are. That is why you should think about leeting customers choose the music. For example, if you hold a hotel or a guest house, the right music would be a vital component of your customers’ experience. Different music can influence differently on customers depending what kind of esteblishment you hold. So do not understimate the power of audiomarketing. You can both attract more clients or repel them. So don’t get things wrong.

By letting your customers choose the music to their liking, you will higher your sales as well as the time they spend in your shop. For cleint to have choise is the best way of attracting them. Moreover, according to their choices, you can create a unique playlist that will attreckt even more clients.

This consept was created a long time ago. You have probably seen or visited bars with old-fasioned jukeboxes which allow visitor to choose music to their liking by only putting in a quarter. However, they had their own disadvantages. They has a limited playlist which couldn’t be renewed or changed. So after staff and regular customers would learn all the lyrics. Moreover, not everyone would have some change in their pockets, as the credit card became so popular nowadays.

How To Let Customers Choose The Music

There are a lot of ways your customers may choose a music by themselves. For example therre are special apps, that they would only need to download and install. This could become a greate way to socialise with your friends and have a nice chat about latest music trends. You don’t need a huge jukebox, you can just install a tablet that allows customers to connect with your audio system and boom, that’s it! There are no need for cash when clients can spend only their credit money. You can also leave it as a free choice and that will encourage them even more. Such app will also allow your customers post and repost music on social medias which will create a greater promotion effect for you brand or company.

Some people may think that it is dangerous to give customers option to choose their own music. That is why there iis always a manager who controls the audio system, choosing whether the song is appropriate to play. Ther is a limited song choice for customers which is pre-selected by the manages ahead of time in playlists and libraries.

So if you think that your target audience would not enjoy heavy metal songs (let’s say you have a baby clothing shop or a restaurant), you can prevent customers from turning it on by simply not adding it to the available playlist. If you have a special event devoted to the singer of your choice, you may also create a playlist only with his/her songs.

Some establishments prefer to create playlists with all kinds of music believeng their customers have the best music taste. Our audio system is the best solution for those seeking for more trusting and loyal relationships with their customers. Our system allows you to have up to 5 million songs in your playlists including latest Tops which updates every week.

Your unique audio system will allow you to gather data of the songs choosen by your customers. This will help you develop an accurate customers profile and create a a p-laylists which will enjoyany of them. You also will be able to review your income from pay-per-play operations.

What Kind of Business This is For?

  • Pubs

Pubs and bars are the best places to let customers choose their favorite music, as they came here to relax and let them create the best atmosphere is establishment’s duty. Moreover, when you think about bars in 50’s you always remeber jukebosex, that is why new technologies are a greate way to reflect the atmosphere of the past.

  • Restaurants

Restaurants and cafes (as well as other dining establishments) audiomarketing strategie may be even more effective as it will make people stay longer at the tables and, as a result, order more. However it depends on the type of the restaurant or caf?. Luxury establishments won’t let people choose specific music as they prefer to stay more conservative. But if you hold a frozen yogurt cafe, and you always have a lot of children or teenagers comming in after school, it would be a greate audiomerketing strategie to let them choose music. They will stay longer, spend more on snaks and drinks and are likely to invite more friends and classmates with them.

  • Hairdressers

The main idea of hairdressers and salons is that they have a lot of customers trust and loyalty by simply creating friendly relationships between the customer and hairdresser. A few tips with hair and discossion of the latest trends will warm up any client and he/she is likely to come back. Add to such establishment an availibility to choose music and clients will create long quees! It will also relax them while waiting for appointment.

  • Shops

A number of popular shops have choisen our unique audio system and let their customers choose any music they like using a simple app. It is also becoming a trend lately! As a result, it keeps people longer in shops, as they listen to their favorite music. People are gathering together to go shopping and discuss latest music trends and it is becoming kind of an event.