Power Up Your Brand Content: Your Best Sounds

Power Up Your Brand Content: Your Best Sounds

When I have entered into one of the most respective marketing community, I have been trying to find out new ways of looking at marketing systems. The main aim at that time was to find a way to create a brand’s marketing ideas that would be understood both globally and regionally. I saw that most companies try to use only visual content in their marketing systems whereas music was only a second-rated tool. Marketing specialists choose the music not planning it before. But later that year I have been invited to the Audio Branding Congress, and I have realized how audio branding is important nowadays and how powerful it can become in the right hands.

The Evolution of Content Marketing

As a team of content marketing strategies creators we provide you with full marketing types range from visual to textual content. The main idea of today's marketing strategies is to reflect the content of the brand as deep as possible in order for people to understand it clearly. 

As a great part of marketing audio content can become a strong message for your audience if created with a full understanding of the product. At the beginning of your marketing planning you should first realize what are the main values and ideas of your brand and then transform it into related sounds. This might sound problematic but don’t worry, once you analyze your products the ideas will pop-up in your head immediately. 

We have listed a few questions to help you to understand the ideas of your brand to use it in audio marketing:

  • What are the main values of my brand? Music for “novelty and innovation” will differ from “elegance and aristocracy”.
  • If you brand were a person, how would he/she sound then? Cheerfully and playful or confidently and securely? This will help you to choose a voiceover actor or simply find a right music genre.
  • You are sure to know thousands of brands. How do you think which of them are likely to be creating music content by themselves rather then hiring an other person? How does their music sounds? What do you feel after listening to it?

These may be unusual questions for you but they will help you create the best understanding of your brand. It’s important because today's marketplace is extremely competitive and to be heard you need to be clever. The first strategy in your marketing plan should be creating a truthful and meaningful content that expresses the heart of your brand. 

The Usage of Audio Branding

The main ideas of audio branding is to reflect and enhance the values and meaning of your brand by converting it into a music. Such action creates a deep connection between a brand and a consumer. 

The best way to find elements of your brand’s music is to conduct an audio audit. This will help you prioritize the most omnipotent and bright values of your brand and company. Below we have created a small plan for you to find these priorities:

1. Find out what makes your company different from all others and which place belongs to your brand on the marketplace. Audio audit should make clear whether the sounds you are currently using:

  • Reflect the core of your brand’s values
  • Fully original
  • Easy to remember and catchy

2. Analyze what kind of music your rivals are using and what does the audience prefer more. Here are some examples of a coffee brand audio marketing: 

  • Sensuality/temptation: This kind of theme has been used in coffee marketing for many years and still didn't loose its popularity. Preferably instrumental music with a strong bass line adding an intimate mixture of feelings. 
  • Friendly/Everyday: A few brands has been using such music to create a friendly and joyful atmosphere. Mostly guitar sounds or jazz music.
  • Forgiving Delight: Full of sexiness and dramatics, this kind of music leaves an impression of the forbidden fruit - for example, funk and lyrical.

Find the brands which music reflects the ideas you would like to use in your audio marketing - they can become an inspiring examples in making your brand brighter.

3. Analyze what kind of sounds play in each of your sales points. Do you like it? What do you feel after listening to it? Does it live a positive and friendly impression? Does it reflect the values of your brand? Do you think there can be a better sounds that are more powerful and direct?

4. Our audio marketing specialists will create an original set of musical works that will reflect your brand’s values and views. According to your choice we will select the positioning of the tracks by any of your specific requests. 

5. After the sets are ready you can begin to use it at your points of sales.

 Combining Audio Branding and Content

Nowadays people receive information not only visually but also by hearing. According to the recent studies people have become constantly partially attentive and this may become helpful to your business marketing strategies. 

Audio branding works as an important part of your business clearing out the message you would like your clients to understand and support. Our team has a specific set of tools and a lot of ideas for your business audio marketing strategies to let your customers feel positively every time they step into one of your shops or just entering your website. 

It is also highly important to think through the order of your audio sets and the timing you would like it to play. Always plan thoroughly your next steps and don’t let it go by itself unplanned. This is a key to your success. 

There are also a few factors which should be noticed:

  • Do not confuse your marketing system development with entertainment. The music will just be an entertainment to your clients instead of a great tool to convey your brand’s values. 
  • The main job of our team is to create a core set of specific sounds and music for each moment when a consumer get in touch with your brand. For example, what will they hear when they enter the shop, speak to your salespeople, turn on your product or simply visiting your website.
  • Always keep up with your values, don’t let your audio be meaningless. Find out the main role of your audio branding whether it will serve as the main message or as an additional touch to your other strategy.
  • Try not to choose music just because you like it, always compare it with your brand’s values. If you feel the connection between them then it suits your brand. Is your brand free and careless?
  • Authoritative and safe? Elegant and sensitive? Let the music speak the language of your brand.
  • Don’t forget about your clients opinions. After installing the audio system, I’m sure you would like to test it and see how it impacts the people. Find out about the music from your customers and loyal clients.