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Waves of Serenity. Music for Water Parks

Music for Water Parks

In summer, when intense heat catches up and the sun burns the skin, it is especially pleasant to plunge into the waves of cool water. Relax in the shade by the pool with leisurely tunes. Water park – the territory of a special holiday. There are extreme slides, “terrible rides”, and relaxation areas to the melodic rhythms. From the point of view of sound, the water park is not the easiest object. Let’s figure out what the complexity of the work is here and how to avoid mistakes in the selection of musical design.

Different zones – different sounds

Each part of the territory of this facility is functionally designed for its target audience. It is logical that a shallow pool for children invites mainly toddlers and their parents, grandparents. But from the point of view of the sound engineer, the target audience will still be the kids. They should like the melodies that sound from the speakers. Otherwise, the rest of the guests will not enjoy the constant reassurance of children or grandchildren. It is worth remembering about other rules:

  • the sound of the territory of the water park involves the simultaneous playback of different melodies in different zones;
  • the volume of melody playback also differs depending on the room or outdoor locations. For example, in closed areas it is logical to mute the sound, and in the air – to make it louder. Here the sounds will be more diffused;
  • melodies are also different. For example, for the pool inside the building, lounge, a light jazz without words, is suitable. And for open areas, you can use popular children’s songs from cartoons or more groovy compositions, for example, funk, if we are talking about an adult audience or teenagers;
  • specialists will help you find collections of special music, or you can create them yourself using legal compositions from the Internet.

Do not forget about the features of the selection of equipment for the water park. It should be waterproof speakers with special protection against moisture and dust. Since we are talking about a territory where there is always a lot of water and sand surrounded by acoustics, it is worthwhile to make sure that all components are easy to wash, expand the infrastructure (for example, for special events), replace parts in case of breakdown.

The party next to water

Water park – a fashionable place for celebrations, theme parties. It can be either an ordinary Birthday with special rules, or a large-scale graduation, Teacher’s Day or even a music festival. At the same time, the requirements for the musical design of the evening vary significantly. Here are the basic rules.

  1. It is important to consider that themed parties require a presenter, which means that they can play voice (s) from microphones. This greatly complicates the infrastructure of the audio equipment of the institution.
  2. Use the Digital Signage system, it will greatly simplify the work of playing tracks from different media, a microphone without discomfort to the listeners and the sound engineer.
  3. Remember the rule of some extra playlists. It rarely happens that a holiday takes place according to a precisely conceived plan.

Water park is a recreation area, primarily family. There is something to please children, their grandparents. Therefore, it is important to take care of the comfort of all family members, to think through the scoring of different zones, depending on the main visitors. Remember that an institution can become a place for a noisy celebration. Digital Signage complexes will provide comfortable sounding of all locations from different sources of file playback.