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Comfort and Aroma. Music for Coffee House


According to many urban philosophers, each place in the space of a certain city is protected by its own spirit, the so-called genius loci. This explains the cyclical nature of the events taking place here. The genius of the place seems to push artists and writers to create, scientists to invent, even intruders to act here and now. That is why urban legends are born, cultural hubs with history appear. It’s not just that.

If you imagine the genius of a coffee house, a brownie, protecting and protecting this place, what kind of person would he be? Loving harmony and comfort, twilight and mysterious silence, not allowing strangers here and not tolerating disrespect for their home. What kind of music would he listen to?

Slow and harmonious

Why do we love spending time in coffee houses? There are no noisy companies, no gatherings at festive tables, no lavish celebrations and high-profile events. Everything here is very cozy, calm, relaxed. With respect to the culture of coffee consumption, to each other. Given these features, music for coffee houses needs to be selected according to certain principles.

  1. Often a coffee house becomes a kind of office, a place for working meetings, interviews, negotiations. Therefore, the music played in the hall should not be too loud so as not to interfere with comfortable communication and work at the table.
  2. The genre of background accompaniment is better to choose in accordance with the format of the institution. An ideal universal solution would be a leisurely jazz, but it can be replaced with light instrumental compositions without words.
  3. These institutions are often “adjacent” to shops, pastry shops, exhibition halls, cultural hubs, co-working. It must be taken into account that background music should not take on too much emphasis; it is better to leave it only a short place in the attention of guests.

The coffee process itself is quite noisy; high-quality coffee machines are hard to make work a little quieter. Therefore, it makes no sense to drown them out with music, since there is a risk of turning a cozy space into an annoying cacophony of sounds.

Space diversity

A faceless establishment without a certain concept is unlikely to attract the attention of visitors. Of course, you can emphasize the “classic” approach, specifically pointing to the lack of chips as a conscious decision. But it’s boring! Therefore, it is better to develop a “specialty” that distinguishes your coffee house from the rest, and you can do this, including through music. Often as a permanent unit of state become art managers, curators.

For example:

  • good solution would be book presentations, poetry readings, battles. In this case, the fans of the guests will be the very new audience. And each time it will be expanded and updated along with the update of the program;
  • musical evenings are also great. But it’s important to take into account the minimalistic, chamber format of the institution, try not to overload the broadcast with unnecessary electronic sound;
  • coffee shop – a great meeting place for members of clubs, interest groups. Here you can collect book, discussion clubs, hold meetings of fans of chess, foreign languages, instant acquaintances.

Thus, the coffee shop is an incredibly specific and atmospheric place. Here come those who look for peace, atmosphere and relaxation. And best of all, unhurried instrumental music without words, easy jazz, live performance contributes to their creation.