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Melody as Invitation. Music for a Summer Cafe


With the onset of almost the first warm spring and later on summer evenings tables begin to “blossom” on the sidewalks near cafes and restaurants. They appear on cozy terraces, built specifically for the spring-summer-autumn season, or “grow” right next to the footpaths. So the owners of the cafe want to emphasize the opportunity to avoid the evening, lunch in a stuffy room, quickly have a snack almost on the go. And passers-by will be invited to sit down at the table in a cozy atmosphere, a bunch of flowers, a fluffy plaid and, of course, pleasant background music.

Differences and similarities

The summer terrace, a separate seasonal establishment in terms of style, content, and interior look more democratic than the stationary cafe premises. But it seems only at first glance. Do not forget that this is primarily a catering establishment, and therefore, according to its rules, it must obey the general laws of the genre. Here, all sanitary and hygienic standards must be complied with, including the features of the selection of background music:

  • music without words or with words in a foreign language that is not native to visitors will be an ideal option. So the guests will not be distracted from the conversation;
  • compositions in the style of lounge, jazz are best suited for a summer cafe, by themselves they tune into a wave of rest and relaxation;
  • the sound volume can be made a little higher than in the main room: we are talking about a platform in the open air, where many sounds are “eaten up” by the noise of passing cars, the conversations of passers-by;
  • forget about experimenting with sound. It should be emotionally and stylistically neutral melodies that can attract the maximum number of random passers-by. An exception can be made only in the evening, when the companies themselves become more noisy and less picky in their choice.

It is important to remember the legality of the selected tunes, drawing up contracts for public reproduction with copyright holders of the works. An open area provides more opportunities to get into the field of view of mystery shoppers, representatives of the law.

Non-trivial solutions

On the one hand, a summer cafe is still the same cafe, only situated on a more open area. It is openness that can make the musical sound of the institution unique. It is important only to approach the program with a share of creativity.

  1. Turn a cafe into a stage for live music groups. You can choose the direction depending on the day of the week, arrange discounts for companies of fans, turn on the competitive moment and hold a battle group. It is only important to coordinate plans with the district administration, to warn local residents.
  2. Remember the possibilities of Digital Signage. Technologies will help to expand not only the range of possibilities in terms of scoring playlists with different volumes, but also make it possible to vary the “music menu” on the terrace and indoors.
  3. Musical compositions can become the hallmark of the place. Moving to the streets of the city, they risk becoming more recognizable. And this is a great move to create a holistic brand image. Once you understand which rhythm is best for you, do not give up the unique sound.

So, a summer cafe or a terrace, despite the seasonal nature, is a place of public catering, which means it obeys the basic general laws. Light instrumental melodies are appropriate here, and heavy rock and extreme experiments are inappropriate. Here, the composition can become the hallmark of the cafe, so it is important to remember the general style of the brand.