How Hotels Can Use Music To Make Customers’ Experience Better

How Hotels Can Use Music To Make Customers’ Experience Better

Every greate hotel in the world is unique. Why? Because they have their own original music whic reflects the idea of their brand. Audiomarketing is a great strategy tool which has a positive impact on target audience. Music creates relaxing and pleasant atmosphere which makes customers come back again and recommend the establishment to their friends. But music needs to reflect the theme of the hotel and the kind of clients staying in there.

Different Types of Hotels Require Different Types of Music

It would be very weird and unreasonable to play popular dance music in your hotel lobby when your actual target audience is older generation people who came to have a pleasant spa experience with relaxing atmosphere. Different kinds of hotels requires diffenrent kinds of music, the mood and the whole atmosphere in your hotel depends on your background music. When choosing a playlist your should consider target audience, design of your hotel, the idea of your brand, ets, so there is no “one-for-all” playlist. Choosing a wrong music can spoil all customers’ impression and experience, so be thoroughly! 
Most of the urban hotels are trying to suit their music according to the modern generation tastes. More and more hotels are organizing live music events that attreckts modern generation people. For older people it may be jazz or blues music. It is a great way to connect with your customers and promote your brand.
Whatever kind of music you are using, it is a great way to encourage your customers to stay in public areas and spend more money on drinks and snacks offered by hotel.

According to Music Works (the joint research initiative between PPL and PRS for Music):

  • 75% of hotel guests like to hear music in the lobbies, bars, restaurants and public spaces.
  • 78% of people who like music in hotels agree that it makes them feel more relaxed.
  • 61% of regular hotel guests are more likely to consume more food and drink when they hear music they like in a hotel.
  • 55% of people who like music in hotels prefer to meet colleagues or clients where good hotel music is being played.

The main aim of any hotel is to boost their profits better then ever and also create a trusting and loyal relationships with their customers. Big hotels usualy have spa, salons, restaurants, cafes, etc which prevents thir guests to spend money elsewhere. Music creates a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere which makes staying even more pleasant. It will help you prevent guests from leaving to the nearby cafe for a lunch. the number of restaurant purchases can also depend on your music choice, if people like the atmophere, they are likely to stay longer and order even more food or drinks.

What music is the best to play?

The bes kind of music to choose will depend on your hotel. For hotels whos aim is to attrackt as many guests as possible, generic music with mass appeal will be the best choice. Although you should stay out of electric and metal music. However these genres are great for shops with specific target audience and specific products. 

Anyway, boutique hotels are much more sucesfull as they are aware of the target audience and have a clear ideaof what their guests prefer while staying in their establishment, whether it is a luxury hotel, middle-range or budget.

The main speciality about boutique hotels is that they are able to distinguish themselves from variety of hotels in the world. They have unique styly, design, atmosphere and offer original experience. These feature make a great promotion effect on the brand.

For chain hotels is not so easy to create such a strong appearance on the marketplace, so generic approuch is the best way. But music still stays an important feature of the audiomarketing strategy. Although it is harder to create a playlist as it should be suitable for each hotel in each country or state.

However there are always an option to play different music in each hotel area in order to widn customers experience and create full comfortable atmosphere.

In the hotel reception background area music is likely to be very delicate. No loud and fast, but relaxing and pleasant for one’s ear.It should create a welcoming and carring effects on arriving guests and pleasasnt atmophere of farewell for departuring clients.

For themed hotels the best promotion effect will create a specific music dedicated to the are or country. For example, sounds of tropical rain or national instrument. The best example is Hard Rock Hotel. They have a wide range of musical offers which makes people feel through the atmosphere of this kind of music.

In public area music should be more encouraging for people to enjoy social occaision and create a positive atmosphere. However the genre still depends on the hotel itself.

From common pop-music to riche lounge that creates luxurious atmophere and even rock or national music if it suit the hotel’s theme. But the main idea of the music is still to create a relaxing atmosphere and a nice conversation.

In the spa are it is neseccary to turn on only relaxing and natural music which will allow customers forget about their daily routine. It will create a soothing influence and let the guest to have a rest. It has to be slow, without any unexpected momets. This is a great contrast to the music you might play in a hotel gym.