How Background Music Can Help You Boost Your Sales

How Background Music Can Help You Boost Your Sales

Recently sociologists has conveyed a number of studies to learn how music influences customers while shopping. It appeared to be that each little detail of music tempo, rhythm, time of playing, genre, etc has played a vital role in their shopping experience.

Choosing a right background music for your shop is not so easy but it is very rewarding process. You should know what king of shopping experience would you lik to create for your visitors in order to choose a right music. Firstly you should determine the kind of shop you are running and the response you want to receive from your customers. Although let’s get through all the details which may help you create a strong message for your clients.

What type of background music should you play in a shop?

The volume and tempo of the background music can reflect a lot the customers shopping speed. When you turn on a fast and rhythmic background music, your customers will start to move quicker around the shop but it won’t affect the number of purchases in a negative way, it will actually increase it! As a result of fast-moving music people will start to buy more impulsevely and that will cause a boost in your sales.

This will also increase the speed movement of your staff and people in the queue won’t get so bored of waiting. However, if fast music does not suit to your establishment that it will probably frustrate your customers and they will leave as quick as possible. In order to prevent such negative shoppiing experience your should first realise which music would be the best for your shop and target audience.

People are likely to stay longer in the shop when they a music to their liking, so pay attention to your audiomarketing strategies.

Customers may not even realise why do they have such a great time shopping however they will start to associate your establishment with the pleasant shopping experience and are likely to come back again.

Slow music are great for encouraging people to spend more time at the shop and buy more. Such music makes them move slower and think through the things they want to buy or even remeber something they forgot to write down into their shopping list. This music is not the best for the pre-closing times because shoppers may move too slow, however if your don’t have much clients, let them relax even in the late hours.

If you play classical background music in your shop,it will give an impression of high-class shop, which in some case may repel customers from making expensive purchases. However, in shops specilising in more particular prosucts such as sxpensive cheese it may develop a “richer taste” idea for your shop and brand.

Anyway, it is your ideas and views that will help you select the best background music for your shop. Think through the target audience and the message you want to delate to your customers. What are you looking for? Sales boost, customer shopping time, or mybe you want to attrackt people to specific sales? it is important to consider the brand’s idea, it’s values and target audience when making a choice of background music. Big changes may be both dramatic  and necessary.