How to Choose Good Background Music for Stores

How to Choose Good Background Music for Stores

It is important to use background music in stores however sometime it can be a different task to choose which one is suitable. Suitability of music define by the order, time of the day, place, salespoint etc. Nowadays you can a find a lot of different genres - jazz, blues, instrumental, lyrical and so on. When choosing a right music for your store you should not rely on your test or recent trends but think about your customers and loyal clients. In case if you know the taste of your consumers, it would not be a big problem for you to choose suitable music. Below we have added a small questionnaire for you to fond the best music for your shop.

What are you selling?

The first question to think about is what products are you selling? This is a simple question but focus only on the core of your business. Background music in your shop should reflect the products you are selling and be part of it. Let it match and create a strong sense of positivity and respect.

Who are your consumers?

Who are your target consumers? How old are they? Are they males or females? Think thoroughly about them. A shop with teen’s clothes plays different music from men’s shop. 

Name the approximate time you want people to spend time in your shop.

Music speed is also an important feature. You need to make sure you know the time you would like people to spend in your store and also the speed they are shopping with. Fast music makes them make more impulsive decisions and slow music let them wander in your store for hours. You may also combine both of this types according to the day time. Play more relaxing music in the morning and in the evening and much more energetic in the afternoon.

Get to know your staff crew

You consider that your staff will listen to your chosen music for hours a day, so try to know what they would like to listen to during the day and what will keep them in good mood. Mood of the customers depends on your staff mood. 

Analyze Trends

Depending on the time of the day you’al see different customers in your store. For example, at daytime you are likely to see mostly parents with young children shopping together, but in the evening you’ll see adults coming in after work. Depending on these trends, you can change the order of the music you have chosen. 

The best choice is to order an audio system which allow you to manage your music as you wish. Our team will guarantee you the support and the originality of music your company have chosen.