Employee Music-Enduced Rage

Employee Music-Enduced Rage

In-Store Music Marketing Systems vs. Radio Station

There are a lot of consistents in stores’ marketing strategies. Visual displays, store layouts and merchandise placements are only few of them. All of these little tips were tuned just to encourage customers’ spending behaviour and make them comfortable and buy more. However, there is also one fact that are likely to impact people behavior the most: music.

Radio station music can be a great tool in breaking uncomfortable silence in the store, however it won’t help you boost your sales. Moreover, your staff may become sick and tired of the same songs played every day over and over again.

Music can have a very particular impact on people’s behavior during shopping. They either start quickly looking for the nearest exit room or float into the shop with tender smile. Moreover, your staff energy level and enthusiasm are dependend on your music choice. So be very thoroughfull when choosing the perfect music for your store.

Audiomarketing Strategies

Music is a great tool for creating specific atmosphere, moods and emotions either inside or outside of the building. You should use it wisely, as it can become the best weapon in your arsenal. According to RetailWire, a retail marketing resource site, a well selected music selection has measurable effects on customers and staff behaviors. Below you can see some main behavior factors:

  • Customer spending
  • Customer sentiment
  • Employee sentiment
  • Customer brand loyalty

Producers all over the world spend billions of dollars om visual design of their products yearly. However, less than half of this money is invested into audiomarketing companies. Although, it’s a fact that music can impact people both consciously subconsciously, many companies are loosing a lot by dissmising this opportunity.

Customer Shopping Experience

In order to show businessmen all ower the world how audiomarketing is significant in marketing strategies, Retail Customer Experience has conducted a survey. They have interviewed 1,000 customers in Britain asking what was their attitude towards background music in stores. Both psychologically and emothionally.

More that half of people have left a store immediatly because of the non-suitable music that annoyed them at once. Below you can see some of the most intruiging results:

  • 40 percent of customers would spend less time in a store that's playing music unsuitable for the environment
  • 73 percent of customers said they noticed the type of music being played in a store
  • 49 percent of customers said they would spend some more time in a store if the music were to their liking
  • 40 percent of customers said they would spend less time in a store if they didn't like the music selection
  • 25 percent of customers said they would not visit a store that plays music they don't like
  • 90 percent of customers prefere to spend time with at least some music instead of silence

Choosing Right Music

Turning on some radio station could be a great way to break uncomfortable silence in the store, however, it won’t boost your sales as much as audiomarketing strategy would. The main disatvantage of the radio stations is that they tend to repeat popular songs over and over again which may annoy your staff. This is a waste of yuor money and opportunities.

The more comfortable environment in the shop is the longer will your customers stay in there. Psychologically, comfortable environment heps to reduce the stress level and people are likely to stay longer in such settings. AS people hear pleasant music in the store they are likely to create positive attitude towards all products in it.

Selling Atmosphere

The main message of sellers all over the world is to create the best shopping experience for customers. Unless you own a radio station there is no use in turning on some dj’s show with the same hits all over again. Your personal music system will be the best voice for your message. It will create original and unique atmosphere both for your customers and staff.

Store brands catering to a younger crowd may want to go with the type of high-energy music that best suits this crowd. Likewise, store brands catering to the more family-oriented crowd should probably go with a clean, wholesome sound.

However, it is importat to first analyze your target audience and then find out what kind of music prefer your audience. It’s not as hard as it might sound. Just create a small survey for your website or ask your staff. Later your can find the perfect music which will attrackt even more visitor and, as a result, boost your sales. Many big brands have their own departments focusing on audiomarketing and creating special music only for their shops.

Different companies that offer audiomarketing services are always asking what kind of shopping experience would you like to create for your customers. Audiomarketing specialist will use your ideas and thoughts in order to create the perfect playlist  with specific music, volume and pauses settings.

Staff Reactions

Customers are your main visitors however don’t forget about your staff. They are your team and you should think about their comfort, too. They have to stay in store according to their working hours and there is no way they can run away from the annoying music.

There are many different tastes in music, for one it may be the best hits of the year for other just a noise. However, your employees should understand that there is a difference between favourite music and business strategy.

“Pause” Marketing

The pauses between two songs can be used with great succes. Try to add some of the latest commercials you have created or just simple advertising posts.

Many shoppers know why they came into your store and they are looking for something specific, let them know about the latest sales and special offer. It will make them stay longer and customers are likely to spend more money that they have planned.

Our team will help you choose not only the best audio system for your shop but also create a strong and pleasant playlist with any addition that you would like to put in it. We have a wide range of music that are suitable for different shops and themes.