Christmas Time in Shops

Christmas Time in Shops

The holidays are upon us! And it has now become impossible to go anywhere without hearing Christmas songs in the background. But why is it that so many businesses choose to play Christmas background music?
Holidays are coming! And all malls and shops are already turning on Christmas songs and carols! But why so many brands decided to play Christmas song as a background music in the shops?
In a nutshell, Christmas songs and carols are perfect for creating festive and jolly mood which makes us spend even more money. Such music gives us a reminder what we need to buy and prepare before Christmas day. We try to impress all of our friends and relatives, choose the best presents and serve a perfect table.

In 2009 a survey was conducted by Entertainment Media REsearch Ltd which questionned hundredsUn ited Kingdom consumers between the age of 15 and 54. The results were incredible, almost 95% of customers prefer to do their shopping with the Christmas background music. 4 out of 10 consumers prefer to shop where the Christmas songs are on instead of any others, which they would enjoy usually. Morever, the research showed that 85% of consumers believe that Christmast wouldn’t be Christmas without festive songs.

Almost a half of consumers said that Christmas music helps them to get into the festive mood and makes them jolly. 1 in 4 confess that they might be spending even more money when they here to some favorite Christmas songs on the background.

Dr Alan Bradshaw from University of London believes that Christmas songs and carols are used as a background music in order to influence shoppers mood, sense of time and what kind of products they buy. It means, that it’s a greate way to manipulate one’s shopping habits which is not so obvious. Usually we are told that we have a freedom to shop anywhere we want to, but on Christmas times the music starts to manipulate us.

Although Dr Alan Bradshaw’s point of view on Christmas Songs as a background music is quite negative, businesses believe that it’s a gold pit! Moreover, when consumers listen to Christmas songs, their brains are starting to be hightly attentive towards lyrics and rhythm. As a result people are less resistant towards sales, discounts and special offers.
Customers tend to get a bit careless with the amoun of money spent, and don’t want to think whether a deal is actually good or bad. Some people may say it’s unethical but business was created to make people spend more money not less. And to wait from them to do so is complitely wrong.

How to Play Christmas Music in Your Shop? Few Tips!

Mostly half of the people asked in Entertainment Media Research Ltd’s research don’t like when shops start to turn on Christmas songs in November. They say it’s too early. Then there is a question: “When is the best time to play Christmas music and start decorating shops?”The easiest way is to start playing Christmas music and carol in your shop slowly and from time to time. For example, you may turn on occasional Christmas song at the beginning of December. That would a great way to celebrating the nearing Christmas time.Then from time to time increase the time Christmas songs are on and when mid-December is already there, you can bravely turn on full Christmas playlist. However, it is important to remember that too much Christmas music may have a negative impact on shoppers behavior and mood. So be carefull with the amount of festiveness!

Customers’ enjoyment of the Christmas songs can’t be always positive. First, it reaches its peak and then start to move down bring the frustration and boredom. At the beginning, people enjoy it a little, it brings a smile on our face. Then we enjoy it a bit more. And after time we are really crazy about it. But the peak comes to an end and we start to bacome annoyed with all those festive carol. Analyze your best timing!Your Christmas music playlist should follow this trend and play as much songs as it would be appropriate for the time of month. Moreover, rising up the amount of Christmas songs before Christmas is as important as reducing the number after festive days. So be attentive, and don’t let your music repel your customers.

Insted of roughly stopping any Christmas songs at the next day of the Christmas, try to slowly lessen the amount of songs and add common for your shops. By the New Year there should no more Christmas songs on. Christmas is a time of rest with your families or friends, but after New Year’s Day people have to come back to their daily routine. That is why it is important to help them and not to make them sad or irritated. The main thing about Christmas songs and carol is that they are on only once in a year and what makes them so special and awaiting. People need to rest after the amount of songs they have heard and till the next Christmas time they will start to miss all thous sound of bells and festive music.

Big brands often compete this time of year for the title of most memorable Christmas campaign (people expect a lot more from John Lewis than they do the smaller brands). Some brands organize competitions for the title of the most memorable Christmas campaign (for example, John Lewis tends to d this every year and stays on of the brightest brands in Christmas time).They create a strong strategy ahead of times and try to be as accurate as possible. For example, they choose the right timing for each year and create a strong impact on thei shopper and customers. Small shops don’t have to follow John Lewis trends and start playing Christmas songs as soon as Lewises advert is realesed. You can be a ittle late and that be a good start to promote your independence. 
Mostly half of the consumers said that hearing a Christmas song they hate is enought to run out of the shop! That is why not only timing but song selection is your key to sucessful festive sales. 
However, not all people enjoy such obsession with Christmas day and music. They are likely to spend less time in shops, as they feel themselves manipulated by the pressure of festive atmosphere. As a result, annoyed customers spend less. They are pessimistic about the qualitit of the products and whether they need it or not. Some people don’t like such pressure!

Best Christmas Songs

The most popular Christmas songs has a greate impact on your promotion campaign and shoppers behavior. Most people are tend to know Christmas songs by heart. When they enter a shop with the popular Christmas song they are likely to stay longer to sing along with the audio system. However, there are few different festive songs. Some have religious undertones, which make people spend more on presents to their relatives or friends, while secular Christmas songs are likely to encourage people spend more on themselves. 
The good old tracks with popular Christmas songs often remind us about last years jolly and festive time we have spent with our families. Your childhood times, when you were so exited to unpack those presents. Romantic times with out loving ones. That is why classic Christmas songs are still on the top charts, because people still love them and prefer to hear them more than anything else. 

Here are some examples of the most popular songs, that most people are likely to know by heart:

  1. “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey
  2. “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” by Brenda Less
  3. “The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You)” by Nat King Cole
  4. “Jingle Bell Rock” by Bobby Helms
  5. “White Christmas” by Bing Crosby
  6. “A Holly Jolly Christmas” by Burl Ives
  7. “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow” by Dean Martin
  8. “Christmas Eve” by Trans-Siberian Orchestra
  9. “Feliz Navidad” by Jose Feliciano
  10. “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” by Gene Autry