Best Background Music for Malls

Best Background Music for Malls

Music is a powerful audio marketing tool for those who know how to use it properly. It can impact strongly on your shoppers. Moreover, the absence of the music can be a great problem for your business sales. Let me tell what I have learned by simply visiting the nearest mall. 

I choose to visit a famous shopping mall, just the same as others all over the world. While wondering around the shopping centered I realized that the atmosphere was truly uncomfortable, the reason was obvious - full silence. Background music wasn't’t my companion in this small trip and I quickly decided to leave unwelcome surrounding without buying anything.

However, later that day I also visited two clothing stores. The first one was playing music so loudly I could barely hear myself, it distracted me from shopping and left a bad impression.
Next store had a better welcoming message and the music was relaxing, fun and enjoyable, I fell for it and bought a few pieces of clothes. Exiting the shop, I realized that my mood has improved and with a slight smile, I went home.

As well as the shopping centre that I visited earlier, this store had a wide range of clients from children to adults, both sexes. However, the main reason this shop will increase its sales is the comfortable surrounding they have created for the customers by simply choosing a right music. Audio marketing is the way to create a unique voice for your brand. It will speak its values and ideas. According to Francine Garlin and Katherine Owen, authors of Setting the Tone with Tune audio marketing can boost your sales, keep the clients longer in the store, make them shop more impulsively, increase the customers’ satisfaction.

The easiest way to find the best music is simply choose the one that your customers like. Sounds easy, so try to get to know your customers and staff crew, because they spend hours a day in your store. Create a comfortable surrounding for both of them and you’ll see the average mood increase in your store.