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Melodies of Luxury. Background Music for Boutiques


Shopping in branded luxury boutiques is an expensive pleasure. Their visitors are used to getting the best for any money. Therefore, a boutique is a territory of special luxury. Everything here indicates the exceptional status of the guest and the product. An expensive smell, emphasized elegant staff, a small but reasonably selected assortment, trade equipment, lighting, of course, background music. It is an unhurried relaxing melody that makes rich ladies stay longer in the store.

Luxury Criteria

Boutiques usually position themselves as a special type of trading enterprise, existing by its own laws. Here they can offer the guest coffee, champagne, the time for serving each client is unlimited, and the atmosphere itself sets the mood for relaxation, getting pleasure from the possibility of owning this thing. Agree, the tasteless “pop” would kill all the charm of such a place.

It will sound logically here:

  • instrumental music in the style of lounge, unhurried jazz, but you need to choose them with an eye to exclusivity;

  • compositions in French, Italian, emphasized British English, they are considered the most sophisticated, correlated with fashion trends, leading designers of the fashion world;

  • classic music is appropriate in jewelry stores – as an emphasis on the eternal value of the goods offered;

  • emotionally, these compositions should be neutral so that the guest can spend as much time as possible in the boutique without experiencing any emotions other than those associated with trying on, choosing and buying.

It is important to remember the quality of the audio equipment to play. You can not save on the player, especially on the speakers. To create an entourage, you can use a vinyl disc player: you get high-quality sound and create an exclusive atmosphere. Also take care of sound insulation. A boutique is a territory of tranquility and serenity, we must not allow external sounds (the noise of streets, a shopping center, or neighboring buildings) to fall into the attention of visitors, thereby distracting us from shopping.

Exclusive Offers

As you know, fashion and music have long been good friends. And it is exclusive tunes that can become an additional point of a boutique service, a way to increase loyalty.

  1. Pay buyers’ attention to background music. You can emphasize the novelty, uniqueness of the composition, ask for an opinion, consult about the choice.
  2. A boutique can turn into a concert venue for some time. Organizing a performance by professional musicians, for example, to present a new collection, is an occasion to gather an audience, an additional fad to exclusivity.
  3. Visitors to expensive boutiques are in general wealthy people, many of them like to show generosity, to participate in charity. And if the manufacturer of the goods in your store does not need such additional help, then composers creating background music may well become subjects of financial support. So you will attract additional funds, and customers will amuse themselves with pride.

Thus, the perfect background melody for a boutique should sound as expensive as possible. This is a leisurely, relaxing instrumental jazz, lounge, sophisticated songs in French, Italian. Take care of the quality of sound equipment and soundproofing of the room.