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Sensory Marketing - what is it?

Sensory Marketing - what is it?

Customer loyalty - is a goal of marketers. Retail is traditionally oriented on discounts, promo-actions and bonus cards As for consumer durables - exclusive   service, special options and other tools that allow to reach close connection with customer. Market leaders eager to strengthen own positions when they are substituting a customer loyalty to emotional affection to the brand.  In this moment retail chains and mono brand stores usually forget about hidden reserves of brand contact in points of sales. Properly used,   tools for in-store atmosphere creation may increase customers’ loyalty.

Sensory marketing

Сurrently the most popular conception among marketers is a conception of sensory marketing. Complex affect on five senses can solve problems of traditional advertising channels. The most important   role of sensory marketing is  communication with a customer in points of sales where we have a huge opportunity of involving a customer to a world of the brand and stimulate spontaneous purchases.

Personnel, decoration and competent merchandising

The features that create theatmosphere include proper design of the point of sale (including materials, light, colors and forms), competent merchandising and qualified personnel.  Recently sound and scent became important features in  sensory marketing too. « Turn off the music and you will see  the last customer walking away» - audiomarketing companies told the clients 40 years ago. «Turn on the proper scent and with no other changes your income will increase on 15%» - say companies that sale aromatization.


In reality noone can say which  channel of sensory marketing works better. However sound and scent are proved to impact on the subconscious. So, these tools increase a customer’s loyalty and help brands to differentiate from competitors - claim the experts. But the tasks for specialist of sensory marketing include not only sound and scent, on the contrary a specialist have to use the whole list of sensory communications.


Audiomarketing nuances

The most popular tool of sensory marketing is music in points of sales. It’s not surprising, because  music holds the third place in the list of the  most important things in a life of a modern person after internet and cell phones. Thus use of this effect channel in points of sales satisfies important demand  -  a wish of customer to hear music. Researches of music impact   on customer’s behavior in a sales place started in the mid-20th century. Since that time we know that such music features as temp, volume and tone  impact the human mood. Also different  target audience preffer different music genres. In particular, young people under 25 spent more time in store with relax music and people after 25 stayed longer in a place with popular music (top-40).