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Samsung Electronix Casting Voice

Samsung Electronics Canada, the Canadian subsidinary of the world’s famous smartphone company explained their footprint in 2013. Samsung has opened two new Stores in Partnership, the new stores are based on retail innovation fro customers to explore, buy and use Samsung products.
RXMusic’s Chad Courneya developed a musical soundscape that reflects the ideas and visions of the Samsung Company influenced by their innovations’ progress. In our interview we telked bout how he tried to save both the delicacy and balance of pleasant and inovative atmosphere.

When did you fisrt started work with music?

Well, I went to a recording school in Southwestern Ontario called OIART which gave me the knowledges I needed in order to find a job out in Hawaii working as a studio staff. After that I worked as a supervisor helper in Toronto, my job was to sub,it songs and music for publication. That helped me to start my music careee and pay my bills, however, later I was offered to work as a consultant.
You have created Samsung program and manage their account. What kind of sound are looking for when working with such a company? What helped to create it?
This is a very innovative company and it aims only for the latest trends which I tried to reflect in my music development. The main thing is to keep music the same with the mall’s sounds and keep the comfortable environment for the customers. Moreover, this is a positive music. This is a retail store and you always want your clients to feel positive and comfortable.
The shops are situated at the west coast and have a variety of cultures visiting it like Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Afro and Caucasian Canadian – especially a lot of Korean workers. What we tried to do is to create a thing that would remind them about their homeland – K-Pop program.
Is this what makes Samsung attrackt people from all over the mall?
Samsung a very forward thinking and innovative company and they become a technology enterprenuers in nowadays world. The stores attrackt people on two times of day: peak and off-peak. As many of the shops are situated near different schools the main peak time is luch – 3 pm. So during peak time I used some indie music. After peak time when customers are not active it is important not to repel them with music. So the non-peak music has a slower tempo. Also we have playlist with the pop-music mostly from Korea and Japan.

What about scheduling all those things together?

Well, we put on Japanese and Korean music every 10 songs as a part of the everyday schedule.
Was it a challenge for you to create music that employees would feel comfortable with?
Yeah, especially for retail environments more than any other concept.
If staff isn’t happy than the customers won’t be comfirtable in the shop so it was a great experience in creating such music. Samsung knows that their employees is the team that will make their clients happy. And music has to take part in it..