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Music for Beauty Salons

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Background music for beauty salon and SPA

Many people today are not satisfied with their appearance and reason for that is not always the famous inferiority complex. When we earn more, we can afford more. We can afford something we couldn’t before. A new face, nails, skin hair etc. This is not plastic surgery which is, perhaps, too radical. You can start small – new modern haircut, pilling or chocolate wrapping. So you’re coming to beauty salon or SPA – a place where stepdaughter will turn into Cinderella.

You know this unique feeling of a beauty salon – smooth scents of aroma oils, buzz of hairdryers, rustle of scissors and subtle relaxed chat between a master and a client hardly noticeable among this whirlpool of sound. And somewhere in the background of all these clicks and shhhh’s you hear the music. Sometimes energizing, sometimes meditative but often calm and relaxing, especially during SPA-procedures.

While in salon you realize – they will take care of you. Your problem will be solved. Pimples will disappear, hair will turn smooth as silk, nails will turn strong as a rock, skin will turn firm and velvet, as a fresh peach. Have you ever thought where this belief comes from? What do you know about music for beauty salon and SPA?

Music for beauty salon and SPA: audiomarketing principles

Marketers claim that clients’ behavior can and should be managed according to your needs, the key - is to understand how to do this.

Shopping malls, auto showrooms, hairdressers, travel agencies and other companies all over the world use music for increase in sales. You should know your potential customer to impact on him. Dry data like ‘male, age 20-40’ is not enough, a PERSONAL message matters. 

Marketers create an average portrait of your potential customer. Using numerous researches and polls a virtual customer gains name, profession, family, hobby, fears and wishes. Now your task is to give him what he wants. It is proved that a person will come to your shop with pleasure hearing his favorite tune.

Music for beauty salon and SPA is a very special occasion. When a customer comes for massage and beauty treatments, he does not want to think, move and talk. She or he is tired of endless computer work and uncomfortable chair. The customer wants to relax, feel muscles turning into a jelly, release the worries, insults and pain.  

Feelings are created by body masters but emotions are created by music and aroma oils. Do you want your customer to leave good tips and come back again? Create all the conditions for that.

We need good mood and a bit of courage to get a new haircut. Why should a customer listen to sad slow tunes in salon? Your client will just simply change his mind and go away, blaming himself or herself for a bad idea. So the ideal soundtrack for experiments with appearance is, for sure, a set of cheerful, rhythmic melodies.   

Music for SPA – is smooth marketing that doesn’t cause negative perception of the brand. Customer is sure he is coming to your salon for the 2nd time just at his own will. Beside that we all know musical impact to be subconscious impact, which is a direct path to customer’s tight-filled purse.