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Audio Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Audio Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Nowadays small businesses have a lot of competitors represented by big companies and corporations. That is why they need the try twice harder to become popular and gain clients’ loyalty. What to do then? Our team have gathered the some of the best ways to increase your sales such as Message On Hold, Advertisement Announcements, Background Music and Podcasts. All of this marketing strategies allow small businesses promote themselves on the crowded marketplace. 

Message On Hold

This s a first audio file that your client are going to hear. It has much power as it represents your company’s service. By creating a professional and friendly hold on message you can guarantee the increase of the respect towards your business. Moreover, kind and respectful message can decrease the numbers of hand-ups during the peak hours and call transfers. So choose wisely. 

Hold On Message Ideas:

  • Announce the caller all the latest sales and offers
  • Tell them how your company appreciate the call
  • Answer their questions .
  • Tell all about new products.
  • Make them know where they can find additional information about your company (web site, social media etc.)


Podcasts are another great way to promote your business in marketplace. Create a blog where people can freely download or listen to the recent podcasts your company has uploaded. Announce the latest products and services your company offers or simply talk about the latest market news. Podcasts can play an important role in your promotion. Don’t forget to be creative, people are fond of unique and original advertisement. 

Best Podcast Ideas:

  • Answer users questions
  • Create an interview with the expert in your work field
  • Provide with information on the recent events, sales or openings
  • Create a podcast with information about your company. Tell people why they should choose you.
  • Create a small topics with tips that might be helpful to your listeners. 

Advertisement Announcements

This is a great way to promote your products or services in stores and shops. Do not underestimate small announcements because they can make a big change in your sales rate. As people who enter your store are already interested in your products an additional announcement can provide them with the recent information about the latest offers and sales. 

  • Great Announcements Ideas:
  • Announce new products or services.
  • Concentrate on the product that can gain you a sales boost. 
  • This is a great way to brand your business
  • Provide customers with the recent events, sales and offers.
  • Don’t forget to tell people about your work hours or openings of the new shops. 

Background Music

For retail stores, or certain types of businesses, background music can be a productive element. If overhead announcements are not appropriate for a retail store, music is still a viable and desirable option. Music triggers emotional responses. In a retail business setting, the emotional response can enhance the shopping experience. Background music should be chosen based on the theme of your store, and should fit the interests of customer demographics, and the products and services you offer.

Background music is a strong marketing tool. It can make a big difference for your business if used wisely. For those who have a retail store, background music is the best way to create a comfortable environment for customers. 

Background Music Ideas:

  • When entering your store the first thing that customers hear is background music, if they like it, they will stay longer and are likely to make more purchases. 
  • Fast music is good for increasing shopping speed and making wait in the queue not so boring and endless.
  • Customers prefer more relaxing and slower music. 
  • Depending on the rhythm people may shop more impulsively.

Audio marketing strategies will become a great tool in your hands for promoting your business. Develop a personal audio system in your shop and create a set of music and announcements. There is no need to control it every single minute, our team has a unique system that allows us to control it through the internet. Just install the equipment and let us do the rest.