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Music for Stores

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Music may affect growth in sales, brand equity, fix the image and create unique atmosphere. That is why background music for store is a perfect solution for any kind of store.

Which background music to select?

  • Determine your goals. Think what is appropriate for your store and what your audience is. Main thing is your visitors and employees should like selected tracks.
  • Don’t afraid to be ingenious! Everyone can switch TV to a music channel at his own place. Unique tracklist or even several (for different seasons, for example) will separate you from the crowd.
  • Keep a neyeon loudness! Otherwise, acustomer will not concentrateon buying.
  • Number of music tracks should be big + you should renewit regularly. Then it will not annoy your employees and clients


Scientist have been studied human’s behavior in points of sales. Here is what they noticed:

  • Moderately loud music makes visitors faster, without decrease in sales.
  • Calmand relaxing music may increase spontaneous purchases, as visitors lost vigilance and become able to perform rash acts. Such solution is suitable for elite stores: clients need time to examine the goods carefully.
  • Classic music in vine stores can adjust visitorson a sublime state! Hearing these tracks visitors turned into gourmets and bought expensive vines more often!
  • Good music can create impression of a boutique. However, you should bet ternot fail visitors’expectations, your goods’ quality and assortment will talk louder than your music.
  • If the reisalineon the cashier’s – nicetunes will help to escape from long waiting.

Attention: copyright law!

Musics hould be legal! This is why audiomarketing specialists are useful: they get in contact with copyright holders and arrange all the necessary payments.