Kinds of business

Music for Cafes and Restaurants

  • Background Musik, Audiomarketing and Digital Signage Systems

What should it be and what should it fit?

  • Consumption type (self-service or waiter service) and so, average time of clients’ stay.
  • Image of the brand and its pricing policy (jazz will obviously suit respectable restaurant, light electronics will suit nice cafe for youth)
  • Background music for restaurant should be different for different customer flows and daytime (if you have just a few visitors – music should relax them, if you have massive flow – it should stimulate faster consumption). A common thought is that fast music make people eat faster and slow, on the contrary, slower. Actually it doesn’t. It is very important to have in-depth knowledge in psychophysiology for proper music selection.
  • Background music for restaurant should be renewed regulary. Haunters (the most loyal audience) should not feel like you’re playing an ‘old record’. For those cafes and restaurants where average time of customers’ stay exceeds 2 hours, we recommend 12-hour playlist with monthly updates. 

According to Market Music data an effective management of restaurant and caf? music content offers:

  • Increase of 15-20% in average time of stay (CCTV data);
  • Increase of 20-30% in clients’ satisfaction ()Увеличить удовлетворенность на 20-30% (opinion polls data);
  • Increase of 10%+ in average bill (because of increase in time of stay and satisfaction, cash registers data);

With ‘inviting effect’ (proper outside music translation):

  • Increase of 5-6% (instead of usual 2-3%) in ‘passers to visitors’ conversion;
  • Increase of 30-60 meters in effective range of your facility.

Correct and professional approach to music atmosphere in your facility will increase its popularity and so increase haunters, forming the loyal audience, which affects the average bill amount.

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