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In-store atmosphere: what does the buyer want?

Our specialists conducted this research in April-May of 2014 and questioned 110 persons (42 men and 68 women, age 20-25 ), income middle or middle+.

The results are thought-provoking. 30% of respondents agreed they feel the impact of sensory marketing technologies, however 31% repsondents claimed they knew nothing about sensory marketing.

One of the questions was focused on the definition of comfort criterias in different points of sales – FMCG stores and fashion/shoes stores. The followng criterias were claimed as important: service of personnel (30%), in-store and show windows design (26%), background music (19%). Respondents also claimed that another important criteria of comfort is scent (26%).


Talking about music, young visitors of clothes/shoes stores would like to to hear major music (44%) and fast rhythmic music (25%). However some customers prefer slow and relaxing tracks. Only 8% of customers claimed they don’t care about background music during shoping.


Vistors prefer citrus (47%) or natural materials like leather and wood (26%) in stores of shoes or clothes. Some respondents choose sweet scents such as vanilla.

Choise of a store and the phenomenon of spontaneous purchases

Colors, scents, sounds and good service create a unique atmosphere in point of sales. Customers’ loyalty depends on atmosphere: 52% of respondents assume that exactly the atmosphere make them come back.

We’ve found an interesting fact during the research: lot of buyers make purchases unconsciously. 65% of respondents confirmed they make spontaneous purchases from time to time.


Creation of nice in-store atmospherewith the help of sensory technologies can enhance shopping experience, make shopping more comfortable for customers, increase sales and popularise the point of sales. Address the experts to reach your goals. Market Music company knows the importance of sensory technologies and will help you to create that perfect shoppping atmosphere.