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Music for Airports and Railway Stations

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What are we used to hear?

Certainly, you have some touching memories related to railway stations and airports. You met somebody, saw somebody off, farewelled forever… At least you’ve seen it in movies. Whatever, there is always a special kind of atmosphere in airports and stations: a light fleur of nostalgia, anxiety, happiness, hurry, waiting. An inexpressible, unique fusion of emotions filled with the best dressing – music, just as a delicious dish.

Music for airport and railway station: what for?

Ofcourse, you’vealreadyseen ‘audiomarketing’ or ‘audiobranding’ terms. A human (his unconscious) is being enforced to buy a product or a service under sound impact. It can be audio advertisements and announcements broadcasted in shopping mall and on radio, and background music in restaurant, caf? or store.

You should know your potential buyer musical taste to create a proper playlist. Marketers conduct serious research on this matter: study public opinion and visitors’ behavior, conduct surveys, summarize the information. A list of tracks that can attract target audience is created based on such data.

All right, it is clear now with trade objects, as we’re talking on profit. But what is airport and railway station background musicneeded for? First, because cafes, souvenir shops, fashion stores, liquor stores and others are located there. Therefore, you should push the passengers to spend their money while waiting. Buthow? – someoneasks. Yes, withthehelpofmusic. But how to create music selection for airport or railway station? Thousands people of different age, nationality and faith are coming here every day. You can’t satisfy everybody.

That is why we recommend addressing professionals. A team of marketers will consider effectiveness of playlists for particular cases and create a detailed forecast of growth in sales.

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