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7 ways to increase an average check

There are several effective and absolutely legal ways to increase the profit of your business. And we are not talking about such fangled marketing tools as selection of unique fragrances for store or record of the anthem of your company. These methods of increasing sales is certainly effective, but only if you have already succeededs and want to achieve some new goals (usually internationally). Now and here you have a problem of another kind: there is the shop and the buyer who doesn’t want to spend more than already spent. Solve the problem in several ways:

  • Personal selling. one of the active methods of increasing the average check. In this case the personnel should not follow the client begging to buy something; it is enough to say something like, “Don’t forget about the battery for the razor,” and the check size will increase automatically by a few dollars. Try to offer nice package and gift bags, show accessories for the suit the customer has just bought – in a word, move, and the result will surprise you!
  • Promotions. There are two types of promotions: you can just tell about your company and give small gifts for potential clients – business souvenirs of your company or POS materials. Or you can offer a gift for a purchase. Believe us, everyone loves gifts and store income will increase!
  • Smart layout. Often the layout of goods in the markets and shops is a responsibility of inexperienced merchandisers who do not know how to attract a buyer. This is a fatal error. Let us give you a few examples of the correct ways to display the goods: place pretty sponges next to shower gels, nice shampoo bottles can be supplemented with some tubes of hair balm and hair combs, and do not forget to place some special tableware in department of microwave ovens and other kitchen appliances
  • Wobblersand other pointers. Wobbler is a small paper or plastic tag attached to the shelve with transparent legs. Wobbler sway invitingly over the item reporting important information for buyers: “Only today the price of this product has been reduced by 30%”, “be sure to try a new kind of chocolate”, “become a party to the action,” and so on. This is an unobtrusive but high-effective way to increase the average check
  • Layout duplication. Professionals place some goods from different part of the store right at the cashiers’ desk – magazines, toothbrushes, razors, chocolate, and goods with a special price usually can be found there
  • Navigation. Your customer should be able to easily find just what he needs , so pointers and info signs is the best decision. In addition, you should have some personnel, ready to help the client at any time, in your sales area
  • Background music. All biggest stores have special sound systems for background music and messages broadcast. Communicate with customers, inform them about promo and new assortment, wish them a good day, finally. All this will have positive impact on theaverage check